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Spring 2012 Newsletter


Dear practitioners!

We are happy to inform you about several major events that happened recently to the PolarLight.org website.

  • The website has been moved to new platform. If you have Home or any other pages bookmarked in the Favorites of your browser, please check the links: they might be pointing to missing pages. If so, please go to the website’s Home page and re-bookmark it. We apologize for inconvenience.
  • New platform had allowed us for better photo slideshow option. Now, when you open a gallery of photos from any expedition, you can view images in full screen format. Also the Meditation of Oneness is displayed now in bigger format.
  • This blog is now mirrored on the Facebook! The Polar Light page is open to the public and we invite everybody to “like” it. The page contains topics related to various aspects of human life including health and well-being, astronomical and archeological events, arts and spiritual practices and more.
  • On the “Q&A” page of the website Dr.Loboda answers a question about best approach to introduce fasting days into healthy lifestyle.

Current Schedule

Retreat Spring 2012 West Coast:

May 4-6, 2012: Cazadero Hills, North Sonoma coast, CA
“Conscious Dreaming and Supported Fasting”
We will use Conscious Dreaming Meditation state as an Art of intentionally changing yourself and your life circumstances. We will learn how to create an evolutionary positive image of yourself and your life, how to fill it with energy and consciousness and activate it by pure intention.
Please register in advance to receive a preparation instructions for optional fasting and information about exact location of the event.

Travel Summer 2012:
June 23 – July 13, 2012: Southern Siberia, Russia
Expedition to Sacred Belukha Mountain
Indescribably beautiful, the Altai Mountains in Southern Siberia are the land of the ancient civilization built by descendants of Arktida, the Hyperborian. Belukha is a natural temple held sacred for thousands of years.Until our time people have lived no closer to Belukha than a distance of 3 days hiking. This is one of the purest places on our planet. The ecosystem of Altai Mountains is so clean that you can drink water directly from its rivers. Native people hold this place of tremendous power in deep respect for the clarity of Cosmic Primordial Energy available here.
Note: The Itinerary is posted to the website. Enjoy photos and video from last summer’s Altai trip.

  Attention! If you are interested to join the Expedition to Sacred Belukha Mountain please request an Application Form though the Contact Us page of website.
From the season 2010 new Russian border regulations made it really hard for foreigners to get into the Altai region. According to these regulations any person who doesn’t have internal Russian passport should apply for the border pass 75 days before the trip. Without that pass it won’t be possible to enter beyond the Ust-Koksa checkpoint. In order to receive the border pass you need to fill out the Application Form and email it to infoworkshopsel@gmail.com. Preparation for the trip has began so request your Application Form today!

  Light & Love,
Team of PolarLight.org


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