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Dr. Loboda at NewLife Expo 2013, New York, NY

Northern Lights over Hibiny

We are exited to announce that Dr. Elena Loboda, PhD, a wisdom keeper of the ancient Veddik tradition of the Northern Lineages of Arctic Gaia and a Ph.D. in the field of Brain Neurochemistry is going to give an lecture at NewLife Expo 2013. Please join Dr. Loboda at 6 PM at The New Yorker Hotel, 4th floor, “Village” room. Admission is free with general admission ticket.

Lecture “Consciousness Transformation in Ancient Siberian Practices
In Siberian Lineages, as in many ancients traditions, the five elements are considered sacred, the underlying forces of existence. The practitioners of Siberian Traditions use the gates that exist in the human energy system and journey through them to the inner cosmos by entering several levels of emotions, energy and consciousness. These levels connect to Universal elements: Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Space. Practices to restore and balance these five basic elements are used to purify, heal and transform the entire multi-dimensional human organism: body-energy-mind, and all that which affects life circumstances.

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