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Radiation Warning

Today is 25th anniversary of Chernobyl disaster in Ukraine. INCE rated this nuclear accident Level 7 (highest) – major release of radioactive material; widespread health and environmental effects. The accident affected 7 millions people in Ukraine, Russia and Belarus. Most of them still suffer from major health problem including cancer of different types. Children born from affected parent(s) suffer from poor health too. Nobody knows yet whether next generation is going to be healthier (if ever will be born).

Recently another tragedy struck the world – Fukushima in Japan. Initially this accident was rated Level 4 (minor release of radioactive material), but later it was raised to Level 7. While Multimedia and officials are busy discussing sameness and difference between two disasters the radiation creeps into western part of United States. What can be done to protect our health from it?

The radioactive iodine released into the atmosphere and water can cause a lot of health problem to people with iodine deficiency. And the iodine deficiency is very common in US causing problems to thyroid gland. “If there is enough inorganic, non-radioactive iodine in our bodies, the radioactive fallout has nowhere to bind in our bodies. It will pass through us, leaving our bodies unharmed. ” – Dr. Brownstein writes.

In order to maintain sufficient level of iodine in our bodies we need to take some supplements. Most common one is the potassium iodide. We suggest to read an advice from Dr David Brownstein on iodine and radiation exposure published in his blog (eight Japan Radiation updates).

Seaweeds are very good sources of iodine, including wakame, kelp, kombu, dulse, hijiki, and others. Roy Gibbon, the co-author of  “An Offering of Light” recommends the product called Tri-Quence from Scientific Botanicals, which you can purchase from Jonathan Wright’s Takoma clinic.  Each drop of this liquid product supplies 19 mg of iodine.

A good source of iodine is Modifilan, a concentrated kelp extract that not only supplies the body with organic iodine, also contains other trace minerals and fibers that help detoxify heavy metals, chemicals and radiation from the body.

Those who already have thyroid problems may want to consider trying Detoxified Iodine, which was created based on Edgar Cayce’s protocol for creating a safe and effective iodine supplement.

The bottom line is do not panic over the Japanese disaster. Instead use it as a wake-up call to make sure that you are doing all that is possible for maintaining your optimal health.


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