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Fall 2014 Newsletter

Welcome luminous beings!

This summer Dr. Elena Loboda led an expedition to sacred sites and places of power of Buryatia (Russia) and Mongolia. This is what she wrote afterwords:

“Yes, it was a real expedition. Huge number and variety of Forces, but obtained through inspection, testing, overcome…We were in places very remote from any whatsoever civilization…Very much alive and conscious forms of nature, natural spirits, astral-etheric traces of ancient civilizations and energy cluster fields created by ancient and modern practitioners of different lineages…All of those energies will be for a long time (maybe years) digesting and absorbing by participants at all levels of their organisms. Wonderful experience!”

See pictures from the expedition on .
Current Schedule
Workshops Fall 2014 East Coast:
  •  November 21, 2014: New York, NY
    Mini-workshop “The Art of Perfecting – The Power of Integrity”
    We are now in the process of transition to a new level of perception and awareness. The intensity of cosmic awakening and transforming energy continues to grow. There is no possibility to avoid changes in the structure of the physical, energetic and mental bodies. To be able to do it right, without harming yourself, we need the further and deeper purification, liberation from old energetic patterns and mental structures and concepts. And we need multidimensional integration.
    Friday, November 21, 2014 lecture & meditation, 7:00-9:30 PM, $35
    CRS (Center for Remembering & Sharing)
    123 4th Ave, 2nd FL (between 12th & 13th St, above “Think Coffee”), New York, NY 10003
  • November 22, 2014: Brooklyn, NY
    Workshop “The MIRROR of AWARENESS – Creation by intent! The ancient heritage of the Northern sacred Knowledge”
    Our life, health, relationships, work, feelings and fulfillment 90% dependent and literally create by level of evolution our consciousness and purity of sub consciousness. This is our work and nobody can do it for us. We need carefully and assiduously work with our karmic traces and seeds by expending farther and deeper light of our awareness and thinning our sensations. Only when our consciousness grows spherically, to all directions of perception, we will achieve real changes, healing and progress. And we will able to make changes in the world.
    Saturday, November 22, 2014 – workshop, 11 AM-6 PM, $130
    61 Mayberry Promenade, Staten Island, NY 10312
    Please RSVP for carpool and lunch.
  • November 23, 2014: Brooklyn, NY
    Workshop “Power of mastering your conscious decision”
    Do you know the purpose of your life? Why were you born here on this beautiful plane of existence to live together with so many people and other creatures during this specific time? Are you aware of what you truly need for your health, wealth and personal development? Is it important to you to awaken your ability to see clearly your purpose in life and the available means to achieve it in the setting of your life circumstances?
    Sunday, November 23, 2014 – workshop, 11 AM-6 PM, $130
    Brighton Yoga Studio, 524 Brighton Beach Ave, 2nd Floor, Brooklyn, NY 11235
  • November 24, 2014: Brooklyn, NY
    Mini-workshop “Who am I:the Path and society”
    Monday, November 24, 2014 – lecture & Q&A session, 7:00-9:30 PM, $35
    4497 Bedford Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11235
Retreat Fall 2014 West Coast:
  • November 26-30, 2014:
    Cazadero Hills, North Sonoma Coast, CA

    Retrieve Fullness of the Soul. Fasting with support of herbal tea.
    The stress-filled lifestyle of modern civilization has impacted our physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being. We are challenged to make a quantum leap in our consciousness by “detoxifying’ on all those levels. The best practice for it is Transformational Fasting. It allows one to break away from the habitual pattern of getting energy solely from food and open to the possibility for direct absorption of the Natural Elements’ Energy. Through fasting the body becomes a portal to enter higher states of consciousness and connect to divine frequencies.
    Wednesday, November 26, 2014 – Sunday, November 30, 2014 (3-5 days) – daily 11:00AM – 6:00PM, $130/day
    RSVP required:
    If you would like to participate, please register in advance. Upon registration you will receive a description of preparation, which is necessary to start a week before the retreat.
Light & Love,
Team of

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Law of Attraction – or Distraction? by David Spetner

Law of Attraction – or Distraction?

Image by Anna Aristova

 “You are here to create the world around you that you choose.”
– Abraham-Hicks on The Law of Attraction
“To seek a special person or a thing to add to you to make yourself complete, can only mean that you believe some form is missing.
What form can be a substitute for God the Father’s Love?”
– A Course in Miracles
How could two spiritually-based philosophies be so radically opposed?  The answer is simple.  They’re each talking about a different world.  We live in two worlds simultaneously, one of spirit and one of ego.  (When I say ego, I don’t mean it in terms of us focusing on our looks or making ourselves more important than we are, the ego is simply our human identity in the physical world; our body, our gender, our name, race, beliefs, experiences, etc.)  As we pursue our spiritual paths, we make decisions guiding us towards either building our ego or our God-identity while alternating between the two as both are necessary for survival on Earth.  While Abraham-Hicks, the people who originally spread the idea of The Law of Attraction on a popular scale, confidently state, “The Law of Attraction is the most powerful Law of the Universe.” A key question is then who’s doing the attracting, your ego or your spirit?  Noting this conundrum, the Bible puts it rather succinctly, “You cannot serve two masters.”
I was a devoted follower of The Law of Attraction for a long time.  It changed my world – because it works.  If you can tune your vibration towards something what you want, you can attract it into your life.  But after listening to dozens of recordings, attending two live seminars and twice having the opportunity to speak to the channeled Abraham beings myself, it is evident that 75% or so of the participants are interested in fulfilling three primary desires; a loving relationship, good health (that was mine) and having enough money to do or buy whatever we want.  These are the basic things people in the western world want to make themselves happy in our egoic world.  But do these things truly bring happiness?  Aren’t they, as A Course in Miracles says, really yearnings for the things we only think will complete us – meaning that life and God are not adequate the way they are?  What happens to the concepts of living in the moment and accepting things the way they are right now?  Byron Katie calls this making friends with what is.
Whom we love, how much money or things we possess and having the perfect career all serve to build and strengthen our ego – which is fine if that’s all we truly seek.  But our spiritual being yearns only for one thing — connection to God — which we often call enlightenment, a state that is ever more fulfilling and joyful.  In addition, many spiritual teachers tell us that the joy of enlightenment lasts forever, beyond our limited physical life.
The next most obvious question is;  Can’t we have both?  We can, as they’re not always mutually exclusive, but sometimes, and I believe most of the time, they are.  For example, we might tune our vibration to attracting the perfect love relationship, but if we also want connection and guidance from God, that perfect relationship might fall apart soon after it starts.  Why?  Because when we ask for God’s love and guidance, it might include a lesson that what we ultimately want doesn’t come from this relationship.  As it is often said, true fulfillment comes from “Letting go and letting God.”  Also consider that we might attract the perfect love relationship and want it to last forever, but what if that conflicts with our mate’s desires?  What if after a year into the perfect relationship, our mate decides they want to move on by either leaving us — or even this world?  This is a question that Abraham-Hicks answers by saying that universal energy is like a big, complex computer that can put in all these apparently opposite desires into perfect resolution, to which my satirical side says, OK… maybe.
All this being said, I still recommend people explore Law of Attraction books, recordings and groups if they feel drawn to them, as the practice can provide valuable lessons in discovering what you ultimately want.  And once you get what you want, or even just see that it’s possible, you might decide to move on from nourishing your ego identity to nourishing your relationship with God.  And yes – we can tune our vibration to that as well.
Is it reasonable to discover our enlightenment if we ask for everything positive and then expect it?  If so, where does the enlightenment fit in?  Enlightenment isn’t shaping earthly forces to provide what we want.  Rather, it’s the strength and insight to realize that the real world is the spiritual one, not the one that says that cars, relationships and health will bring us happiness.  What if our aspiring happiness includes things like living in a world without hunger, without innocent people being slaughtered on a daily basis?  Is it possible to tune our personal vibration to end those things?  No, instead we’re going to have to reach a point where we accept what’s going on in this physical world, do what we can to make it a better one and always be willing to find true happiness in accepting what is.
© Copyright 2012 by David Spetner

David is a spiritual counselor and leads an all-level A Course in Miracles study group at The Gateway Wellness Center in West Los Angeles David [] and may be reached at or

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History and Celestial Time

By Walter Cruttenden

Author of the Lost Star of Myth And Time
This is one of the topics of conversation at the ‘Conference on Precession and Ancient Knowledge’ held on October 6-7, 2007 at the University of California, San Diego. Speakers include Graham Hancock, Walter Cruttenden, Robert Bauval, Robert Schoch, John Anthony West, Laird Scranton, Marie D. Jones, John Burke, John Dering and Richard Leviton.
Discoveries like the ancient Greek Antikythera computer (1500 years before the invention of precision geared devices) the Baghdad batteries (2000 years before Volta ‘invented’ the battery) or dental and brain surgery artifacts found in ancient Pakistan (8000 years out of historical sequence) appear ‘anomalous’ within our current paradigm of history. However, they are not unexpected according to the ancient cyclical view.
Antikythera Computer (left) and Baghdad Battery (right)
Giorgio de Santillana, the former professor of the history of science at MIT, tells us that most ancient cultures believed consciousness and history were not linear but cyclical, meaning they would rise and fall over long periods of times. In his landmark work, Hamlet’s Mill, Giorgio and co-author Hertha von Dechend, showed that the myth and folklore of over 30 ancient cultures around the world spoke of a vast cycle of time with alternating Dark and Golden Ages that move with the precession of the equinox. Plato called this the Great Year.
Although the idea of a great cycle timed by the slow precession of the equinox was common to multiple cultures before the Christian era most of us were taught this is just a fairytale; there was no Golden Age. However, an increasing body of new astronomical and archaeological evidence suggests the cycle may have a basis in fact. More importantly, understanding the cycle might provide insight into where society is headed at this time and why consciousness may be expanding at an exponential rate. Understanding the cause of precession is key to understanding the cycle.
The standard theory of precession says it is principally the Moon’s gravity acting upon the oblate Earth that must be the cause of the Earth’s changing orientation to inertial space, a.k.a. the ‘precession of the equinox’. However, ancient sources say the observable of an equinox slowly moving or ‘precessing’ through the twelve constellations of the zodiac is simply due to the motion of the solar system through space (changing our viewpoint from Earth).
Here at the Binary Research Institute, we have modeled a moving solar system and found it does indeed better produce the precession observable and resolves a number of solar system anomalies such as the uneven distribution of angular momentum within the solar system and the variable rate of precession. Beyond the technical considerations, a moving solar system might provide a logical reason why we have a Great Year with alternating Dark and Golden Ages. That is, if the solar system carrying the Earth actually moves in a huge orbit, subjecting the Earth to the electromagnetic (EM) spectrum of another star or EM source along the way, we could expect this would affect our magnetosphere, ionosphere and indirectly all life in a pattern commensurate with that orbit. Just as the Earth’s smaller diurnal and annual motion’s produce the cycles of day and night and the seasons (both due to the Earth’s changing position in relation to the EM spectrum of the Sun), so might the larger celestial motion be expected to produce a cycle that affects life and consciousness on a grand scale.
The hypothesis for how consciousness would be affected in such a celestial cycle builds on the work of Dr. Valerie Hunt, the former professor of physiology at UCLA. In a number of studies she has found that changes in the ambient EM field (that surrounds us all the time) can dramatically affect human cognition and performance. In short, consciousness is affected by immersion in EM fields. Consequently, the concept behind the Great Year or cyclical model of history, consistent with myth and folklore, is based on the Sun’s motion through space, subjecting the Earth to waxing and waning stellar fields (all stars are huge generators of EM spectrum), resulting in the legendary rise and fall of the ages over great epochs of time.
In Lost Star of Myth And Time, we looked at some of the ancient myths about rising and falling ages tied to the precession cycle, explored current precession anomalies, outlined a dynamic solar system model that better explains the
precession observable, and suggested a hypothesis for how a change in proximity to stellar-generated electro-magnetic fields might be the mechanism that induces cyclical changes on Earth. Here we would like to use this model as a guide to better understand where we have been in terms of consciousness and ancient civilizations in the past, and more importantly, where we are going in the future. As Graham Hancock stated, this ‘new – or very old – approach to the greatest problems of human history’ could be the ‘key to the mystery of the ages’.

Historical Perspective

Current theories of history generally ignore myth and folklore and do not consider any macro external influences on consciousness. For the most part, modern history theory teaches us that consciousness or history moves in a linear pattern from primitive to modern with few exceptions.
Some of its tenets include:
  • Mankind evolved out of Africa,
  • People were hunter-gatherers until about 5000 years ago,
  • Tribes first banded together for protection from other warring parties,
  • Written communication must precede any large engineered structures or populous civilizations.
The problem with this widely accepted paradigm is that it is not consistent with the evolving interpretation of recently discovered ancient cultures and anomalous
artifacts. In the last hundred years major discoveries have been made in Mesopotamia, the Indus Valley, the Asian plains, South America and many other regions that break the rules of history theory and push back the time of advanced human development. Specifically, they show ancient man was far more proficient and civilized nearly 5000 years ago than he was during the more recent Dark Ages of just a thousand years ago. In Caral, an ancient complex on the west coast of Peru, we find six pyramids that are carbon dated to be 4700 years old, a date contemporaneous with Egyptian pyramids and rivaling the time of the first major structures found in the so called ‘Cradle of Civilization’ in Mesopotamia. However, Caral is an ocean away from the ‘cradle’, and we find no evidence of any writing or weaponry, two of the so-called necessities of civilization. At the same time we do find beautiful musical instruments, astronomically aligned structures and evidence of commerce with distant lands. Clearly, such sites defy the standard historical paradigm. But what is stranger still is that so many of these civilizations seemed to decline en mass.
In ancient Mesopotamia, Pakistan, Jiroft, Iran and adjacent lands we see knowledge of astronomy, geometry, advanced building techniques, sophisticated plumbing and water systems, incredible art, dyes and fabrics, surgery, medicine and many other refinements of a civilized culture that seemed to arise from nowhere yet were completely lost over the next few thousand years. By the time of the worldwide Dark Ages every one of these civilizations had turned to dust or nomadic ways of life. Near the depths of the downturn there were ruins and little else to be found. And in some areas where larger populations still remained, such as throughout parts of Europe, poverty and disease were often rampant and the ability to read, write or duplicate any of the earlier engineering or scientific feats had essentially disappeared. What happened?
While records of this period are still very spotty the archeological evidence indicates consciousness, reflected as human ingenuity and capability, was greatly diminished. We just seemed to have lost the ability to do the things we
used to do. Ironically, this is just what many ancient cultures predicted. The world’s foremost Assyrianologist, Stefan Maul, shed light on this phenomenon in his Stanford Presidential Lecture when he tells us that the Akkadians knew they lived in a declining era; they revered the past and tried to hang on to it but at the same time lamented and predicted the Dark Ages that would follow. His etymological studies of cuneiform tablets show the ancient words for ‘past’ have now become our words for ‘future’, whereas their words for the ‘future’ have now become our words for the ‘past’. It is almost as if mankind orients his motion through time depending on whether he is in an ascending or descending age.
We find this principal of waxing and waning periods of time depicted in numerous bas-reliefs found in ancient Mithraic temples. The famed Tauroctany or bull slaying scene, is often surrounded by two boys, Cautes and Cautopetes. One holds a torch up on one side of the zodiac, indicating it is a time of light, the other holds a torch down on the other side of the zodiac, indicating it is a time of darkness. As the accompanying chart will show, these time periods correspond with the Vedic description of when the Earth goes through periods of rising and falling consciousness.
Jarred Diamond, the well-known historian anthropologist and author of Guns, Germs and Steel makes a good case that it is primarily local geographic and environmental advantages on the planet Earth that determine which group of humans succeeds or fails versus another. Those that have the steel, guns and bad germs win. While this helps explain many regional differences of the last few thousand years it does not address the macro trends that seemed to have affected all cultures (including China and the Americas) as they slipped into the last worldwide Dark Age. The cyclical or Great Year model overlays and augments Jarred Diamond’s observations giving a reason for the widespread downturn. It suggests that it is not just the geography and environment of man on Earth that determines his relative success but it is also the geography and environment of the Earth in space that affects mankind on a vast scale. Just as small celestial motions affect life over the short term so do large celestial motions affect us over the long term.
Understanding that consciousness may indeed rise and fall with the motions of the heavens gives meaning to ancient myth and folklore and puts anomalous artifacts such as the Antikythera device into an historical context that makes sense. It speaks to why so many ancient cultures might have been fascinated with the stars and it provides us with a workable paradigm in which to understand history. It could also help us identify the forces that propelled the renaissance and that may be accelerating consciousness in the current era. Myth and folklore, the scientific language of yore, provide a colorful look at consciousness throughout the different ages.

Character of the Ages

The Greek historian Hesiod tells us of the wonderful nature of the last Golden Age when ‘peace and plenty’ abounded. Hopi myths tell us of cities on the bottom of the sea. Typically ancient peoples broke the great cycle into an ascending and descending phase, each with four periods. For example, the Vedic or Hindu culture tells us that when the Autumnal Equinox moves from Virgo to Aires we go through the ascending Kali, Dwapara, Treta and Satya Yugas (the golden era) before slowly declining in reverse order as the equinox completes its journey. The Greeks and other early Mediterranean civilizations used like periods and labeled them the Iron, Bronze, Silver and Golden Ages. More distant cultures such as the Maya or Hopi used still other names such as ‘worlds’ or ‘Suns’, and labeled them ‘fourth or fifth’, to identify the recent epochs.
A relatively modern proponent of the cyclical system was the Sanskrit Sage, Swami Sri Yukteswar, author of The Holy Science. He taught that the position of our solar system relative to another star now indicates we are in recent transition from the lowest material age, the Kali Yuga, into the electrical or atomic age, the Dwapara Yuga.
In this period, it is said we begin to see the world as more transparent as we move from an awareness of self as a physical body in a strictly physical universe, to an awareness that we are something more, living in a universe filled with subtle forces and energies. The technological discoveries of the laws of gravity, electricity and magnetism just in the last few hundred years give this idea credence ñ and the trend is accelerating. In the last century it has even been discovered that physical matter is not really solid at all. We have found it is made of molecules and these in turn are made of atoms, which are themselves constituted of 99.9% empty space. The little bit of matter that does exist in the heart of the proton and neutron, is now thought to be principally vibrating energy, at least according to the latest String Theory. Indeed, reality is looking more and more ethereal just as the hoary Vedas predict.
Ages beyond the present are difficult to grasp because a lesser consciousness cannot behold a greater consciousness anymore than a cup of water cannot hold the ocean. So we tend to extrapolate the past material view of things when envisioning the future i.e. more gadgets and technology. But the Oriental teachings about cycles indicate this is just a passing phase. They say the real trend is towards a god-like state where the physical is but a manifestation of something from the netherworld. And so it seems when we read Greek mythology or pages of Vedic scripture.
The Silver Age or Treta Yuga, the third age (from the bottom) is the Greek ‘age of the demigods’, or to the yogis of India, the age of divine magnetism and the mind. While this is a difficult concept to grasp consider the story of Babel.
Supposedly before Babel (pre 3100BC in the last descending Treta Yuga) humanity spoke with one tongue and communed freely with nature. The Old Testament tells us mankind began to build ‘towers’ and then languages were ‘confused’ and people could no longer understand one another (Genisis 11:1-9). In the standard theory of history this story makes no sense but in the cyclical model it has great meaning. It would have occurred around the time of the first tower buildings in ancient Mesopotamia, probably between 3000BC and 3500BC. This is precisely around the time (3100BC) when according to Sri Yukteswar the world declined from the descending Treta yuga into the descending Dwapara yuga, a time when clairvoyance and telepathy were lost (see Chart). We learn from Paramahansa Yogananda, another proponent of the yuga cycle and the famed author of Autobiography of a Yogi, that this time will come again in the year 4100AD when we pass from the ascending Dwapara into the ascending Treta yuga. He tells us at this time there will once again be a ‘common knowledge of telepathy and clairvoyance’. Perhaps then we will better understand the meaning of the ancient myths.
The Treta Yuga is said to be the age of levitation, telepathy, a time of shaman and wizards of old, when tremendous physic and mental abilities were common, truly an ‘age of the demigods’. We have all heard stories
about mythical powers of saints and sages who have these gifts. Now seen as rare, the majority of people don’t take these reports seriously or realize that we too might
have this same latent ability in a higher state of consciousness. Yet, this is exactly what the ancients told us. In fact, Christ was quoting the far more ancient scriptures of the Old Testament when in the depths of the last Dark Age he said; ‘Is it not written that ye are gods,’ and he himself embodied this consciousness when he said, ‘These things that I do ye shall do also.’

Chart by Laurie Pratt, published in East West Magazine in 1932. The zenith of the Golden Age last took place in 11,502BC. The pit of the last Dark Age was in 498AD. 

The final stage in the cycle of time is the Golden Age or Satya Yuga. It is considered the highest time on Earth. If the Treta or Silver age is inconceivable to us today, then the Golden
Age must sound like a myth or a dream. The Greeks called it the ‘age of the gods’ and the myth and folklore of the Vedas and ancient Egypt hint that this was a time when gods literally walked the Earth and most of mankind lived in perfect harmony with nature and the heavens. While there now remains very little physical evidence of this long ago period, we do find that virtually every ancient megalithic construction prior to the year 1500BC seems to be oriented towards some astronomical or cardinal point. Going back further there are signs multiple structures may have been aligned to mirror constellations or the larger heavens. The Golden Age is said to be a time when we could perceive and communicate with astral or causal realms and directly know God without the intermediacy of any religion. Again, this sounds like little more than a fairy tale given our current state of consciousness, but it is a theme common to ancient peoples who spoke and wrote of the long lost higher ages.
Predictive Value
Admittedly, the higher ages sound incredible but we hope to show evidence at the next CPAK and through future papers, books and film that the cycle has a basis in fact, driven by the solar system’s motion through space. Just as the seasons of the year, caused by the Earth’s orbit around the Sun, can be forecast in time (through calendars and various astronomical means) so can the seasons of the Great Year be calculated by the slow precession of the
The cyclical model is not only precisely measurable (by monitoring the annual change in the precession rate, now about 50.29 arc seconds per year) but I believe it has predictive value. I am presently working on a new book showing changes we can expect over the next few decades to few thousand years as we progress through the Great Year. It is based on cross interpretations of myth and folklore, extrapolation of trends and interviews with futurists. During the current transition from the Kali age (of gross material consciousness) to the early Dwapara era (of an awareness of energy and finer forces) we are manifesting our heightened awareness and increasing ingenuity through an endless array of technology that allows us to annihilate the barriers of time and space. We can now fly just about anywhere on the globe within the time it takes the planet to make one spin on its axis. Likewise, we can instantly communicate with someone on the other side of the Earth and send them a picture or video of almost any event, real time. All these things were not only impossible but also unthinkable just a hundred years ago.
Underlying this trend there is actually a greater concern for nature. We will see, more and more, a return to living in tune with Mother Earth and it will be facilitated by greater understanding and thinner technology. As technology becomes something hidden in the background, we can expect some amazing changes. For example, while we currently still need antennas to transmit communications (and soon power) or silicon to compute or store information even these may be outmoded in the future. Physicist John Dering (a CPAK regular) has speculated that given the trend of compute power sometime in the not too distant future we will develop interface devices that allow us to pick up the wave forms captured by trees or the antennae of bugs, and we may be able to tap into and decipher all the information (waveforms) that have ever passed by a rock or any inanimate object in the landscape. Could it be that our ancient ancestors better understood the subtle qualities of stone? Another CPAK author, John Burke, has already shown that ancient cultures had a tremendous knowledge of electromagnetism as evidenced by the outer stones at Avebury where he has demonstrated all of the standing stones magnetic poles are identically aligned. He has also shown that some Indian Shaman in the American West can find areas of high electrostatic charge or geophysical discontinuities just by feel. They use these areas for healing purposes. Contemplating these ideas gives new meaning to the stories of our ancient ancestors. Understanding their wisdom may be key to understanding our future.

The Search For The Binary Star

Cruttenden frequently speaks to groups about the ancient mystery of the precession of the equinox. His talks explain how cutting edge scientific evidence challenges the current theory of precession. Due to the work of Cruttenden and others, interest in ancient knowledge and solar system theory is on the rise as more people become aware of the importance of our present Age and the potential it holds for humankind. Cruttenden founded the Galileo Awards to further stimulate research and interest in precession and help in the search for our Sun’s binary companion. Cruttenden was featured on several television and radio programs, including CNBC, CNFN, KOCE. Recently he has given talks at the Self-Realization Fellowship in Los Angeles, East-West Bookstore in Palo Alto, University of Virginia, University of Arizona, University of California at San Diego, Newport Film Festival and the Society for Scientific Exploration.


In 2004, Cruttenden founded and appeared at the
Conference on Precession and Ancient Knowledge (CPAK) in Vancouver, BC, Canada along with other authors and researchers: John Major Jenkins, John N. Harris, Karl-Heinz Homann & Uwe Homann. He sponsored and participated in the Second Annual CPAK conference in Sedona, Arizona in November, 2005 which included as speakers Graham Hancock, the author of Fingerprints of the Gods, geologist and author Robert Schoch, known for his work redating the Great Sphinx in Egypt, John Major Jenkins, author of Maya Cosmogenesis, and several other experts on ancient cultures. The 2007 conference is currently scheduled to take place in October in San Diego, California.

Copyright by Walter Cruttenden.
Presented with permission of
the author.

About the Author

Walter Cruttenden is an amateur theoretical archaeo-astronomer and author of the binary theory of precession. As Executive Director of the Binary Research Institute he researches the celestial mechanics of the precession of the equinox, as well as myth and folklore related to this phenomenon. He is the writer-producer of The Great Year, a PBS broadcast documentary film (narrated by James Earl Jones) that explores evidence of astronomical cycles of time known to cultures throughout the ancient world.
Most recently Cruttenden wrote Lost Star of Myth And Time, a book that provides an alternative view of history based on the solar system’s motion through space.
It is his belief that the myth and folklore depicting a repeating cycle of Golden Ages and Dark Ages may have a basis in fact, due to the alternating stellar
forces that affect Earth as our solar system moves in a 24,000-year binary (dual star) orbit.

Source: World – Mysteries

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The Pure Soul is Granted to the One Who Works a Lot
… The main reason behind the dilapidation of body and illness is a laziness of man, his unwillingness to change for better. And a consequence of such spiritual laziness is Avidya, the ignorance. The rest of the sins take roots in ignorance. Oftentimes a human being does not realize that while he identifies himself with his body and mind – whatever he do on this planet will not lead him to God, but to the opposite. In order to make an earthling stop, ponder upon it and condemn his own thoughts and actions the Angel of Karma sends this soul an illness, a malady. Usually at first a light illness is sent by the Teacher. If a human fails to understand the meaning of an illness, if he resorts to various psychics, healers and doctors, but doesn’t wish to change from within, then the first illness is followed by the second one – a serious illness. And if an incarnated soul still doesn’t get the message sent with an illness, if unwillingness to perfect oneself continues, then the Angel sends an earthling an untreatable disease, so he do not take up space on Earth claimed by tens of other unembodied souls.
According to the theory of hermeticism, a human body lives by the rules of three-dimensional space, but a soul lives by the spiritual rules. A physical body requires: a constant strain of electromagnetic field between the planetary poles; water and vegetarian food charged with kind thoughts; pure air; warmness of green lands and woods. An incarnated soul requires energy supply from the astral and mental world, called Prana; positive impressions, reverential feelings, good emotions, harmonious information… When there’s harmony between seven subtle bodies comprising the human aura – there’s good health of a human. The absence of harmony means there’s illness… All the maladies are projected downward: from the soul to the mind, from the mind to the wishes, from the wishes to the body illnesses. The soul constructs thoughts, and thoughts construct human body…
The auric cocoon is made of matter much more subtle then the one that constitutes the physical world and our bodies. An aura of a healthy human being appears as an egg-shaped cloud consisting of clean, unmixed colors: blue, azure, violet, golden, pink, light green, white. …Subtle bodies of a human build each other from the spiritual center towards roughening of matter just like concentric water circles that derive and move away from the spot where the rock hit the water. The farther the wave is from the center the bigger the distortion is from the initial circle. That is why we always have to align all our subtle bodies to the first circle, in the image and likeness of the Spirit.
Any shade of brown or dirty color in the aura, the distortion of egg-shaped oval, the reduction of distance from the cocoon shell to 40 centimeters tells a clairvoyant that this human should expect problems with their health and strained relations with outside world. Approximately 80% of the people today don’t have an egg-shaped aura as they should, it rather looks like a mushroom turned upside down. Spiritual energy centers of such people are completely blocked; only two chakras are fully functional, two main energy centers out of seven – survival center and reproduction center. Also the abdominal chakra (solar plexus) responsible for logical reasoning and ego gets involved. Blockage of fifth, sixth and seventh chakras’ function results in Illnesses and misfortunes of the majority of people. … All the things and events per se are neutral. But we look at the events through the prism called aura. And a color of this prism is projected to the surrounding world, painting it into bright or dirty, dismal colors. That is why yogis say: «Change yourself – and the whole Universe will change».
… First and foremost, a human is an immortal spirit. And our bodies are merely garments that get replaced by the Spirit as they get old, they are only a tool for learning the laws of different worlds. There are plethora of rough and subtle universes. In each of these worlds the spirit has its own clothing, a “space suit” – the body.
… Unfortunately, the evolution of soul for the majority of people on our planet takes course unconsciously, thus any suffering during this process is the best teacher. And on the contrary, so called “earthly happiness” makes our souls lazier and prone to illnesses. Sometimes continuous misery embitters us, makes us aggressive – and this is our huge mistake which derives from our failure to understand the meaning of life and the meaning of illness.

The best cure for all illnesses is unity with God, that is yoga.
At all times people have been looking for an answer to the everlasting question: what is the meaning of life, what is the reason for illness, why do are bodies and souls get hurt? Usually an illness is considered to be a great misfortune, an evil by the common people. They try to fight their infirmities with help of other people and eradicate their illness by any means possible. People’s unwillingness to understand the meaning of illness and cure it on their own is a great sin before the Spirit. There are lots of drugs, diagnostic and therapeutic equipment available nowadays, and the more we use them the farther we move away from the true reason of illness – the character of an incarnated soul… Before people used to be treated by the priests who possessed knowledge of philosophy, religion, exoteric and esoteric medicine. These days people get treated by the narrow specialists (some specialize in eye treatment, some deal with nerves etc.). So we spend all our lives knocking on different doors, not realizing that this way we worsen the situation… It seems to us that the world reacts to us in a wrong way, but actually it is us who react to the world in a wrong way, while the world around us stays neutral. We forgot that the outside world of a human is only a replica of his inside world, a pale image of his soul. The message in our minds should sound like this: «I welcome the entire world with all its peculiarities!» Life is a stream favorable for our spiritual development, although its external manifestations might seem unfavorable to us. However, it is exactly misfortunes and illnesses that point out what has to change inside of us. Remember, my dear readers, that you are immortal, while fear of death turns you into slaves. All the situations and all the people we encounter make us constantly learn something and we have to be grateful for that… We have to foster courage and commitment in ourselves in order to fight our laziness, to change our thoughts and actions for better, to accept responsibility before God for our health, as well as the health of our planet.
Professor Kurt Tepperwein said: «Our bodies and all our lives are nothing but the exact reflection of our spiritual state, because the spirit is what forms the body and defines the fate». As far back as a century ago Edward Bach, the British physician (1886-1936) noted: «Illness is not a manifestation of cruelty or punishment, but merely an amendment and a tool used by our soul to point our mistakes out, to hold us back from even bigger delusions, to prevent us from doing even more harm and get us back onto our path to the truth and light». The illnesses of body make a human start learning the eternal laws of Cosmos: the laws of disinterestedness, compassion and altruistic love. It is exactly illnesses that make a human smarter, make him look for the reasons of suffering inflicted upon him in his own thoughts, rather than the physical world. They make us correct our way of life: change our mindset towards ourselves and understanding life, change our life style, make us love our body and take care of it not to satisfy our ego, but to satisfy the wishes of our soul. A physician should remember that every human is at the unique stage of his own evolution and therefore requires a unique approach. And illness is just one of the various ways to test a human, a pretext for change of personality for better, a pretext for the self-cultivation, one of the forced factors contributing to the spiritual development that fully depends on the willpower of the particular human.
…My dear readers, my opinion is that in half of the cases a physician shouldn’t treat the illness of a person consulting him. The task of the real doctor is to: perform an examination of an illness, explain its meaning to a patient. To induce a patient to actively fight for change of their own character and world outlook. By changing inside a human will treat both their soul and their body on their own. Only this way the Angel’s lesson may be learned. And if some psychic or doctor will try to prevent this lesson (an illness) from happening, then the Angel will punish both the doctor and the patient some day. The lesson will still be learned by this couple of earthlings. No one can repeal the Laws of Karma. Love your illnesses, because they are your best teachers that give you fare grades for the inappropriate behavior. Only these «teachers» don’t leave the grades in school record books, but leave them in your bodies. Develop yourselves and as you acquire deeper understanding of meaning and reasons of illness, independently strive for good grades with help of mental, psychical and physical exercises. Once you are healed, do not stop training your body and soul; quite the opposite, you should accelerate your propulsion towards the Creator with help of mastered exercises…
A truly spiritual person may not fear any maladies… And the spirituality is always aimed inwards, to the very sacral center of being. The spirituality is an ability to see God inside yourself and interact with Him without mediators! All the rest – Love, altruism, kindheartedness, purity, charity, righteousness are merely a consequence of spirituality. There is no one and nothing in the entire universe that would not be spiritual. Everything is by God and everything is a Creator himself. If during meditation we are increasing the vibrations of consciousness from chakra to chakra, then our soul stops identifying itself with the body and mind: at such moment our soul starts talking to God.
You should not be sitting and waiting for a wizard who would come and make you a highly spiritual person by the wave of his hand. No one will ever come and make your soul enlightened, this is your job!
Source: G. Boreev «The Reversal of Poles and the Ascension…»

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Winter Solstice – a preparation to the new beginning.

ImageFrom Dr. Elena Loboda
At this time streams of enormously powerful cosmic energy are moving through the dimensions of time and space and penetrating all levels-layers of our world from its maximum to its minimum. These circular spiral waves of energy, having the holographic principle as their base, have a specific changing point on December 21 where their flow starts moving into the opposite direction.According to the ancient cosmology, we are going to pass through the “No Time” point, a moment separating two eras.
Time will stop on December 21 at 3:31 AM PST. Winter Solstice of 2012 is the day when we shift (by Ancients) from the Fifth Sun into the Sixth Sun.  We have eight precious seconds of “No Time” when the Pleiades, the Milky Way and the center of the Galaxy are in perfect alignment; and time, this construct of our ego-mind that has been created to manage our physical existence, will be suspended.  It is a unique opportunity for a radical personal and global transformation; a powerful time to usher in the new Universal Consciousness, known to the Maya as ‘I am you’: cosmic–collective–quantum consciousness. This is not the end of the world, but it is the end of the old paradigm and the beginning of the new one. It is the end of the old order and opening for the evolution of human consciousness. This alignment of the forces presents a great opportunity for humanity to align pure personal Intention with the Intention of cosmic intelligence.

Because of its enormous power, this point of change needs to be used by practitioners to purify their entire multidimensional being. First – get rid of any materialistic identification with your physical body, gender, social roles, relationships, occupation, nationality et cetera… Be who you are – the Sole, the spark of Universal Ocean of Consciousness.

Human soul, awakened from mirages and hypnosis of society, reveals all its talents, all its best qualities. By way of interacting with the body, the Pure Soul heals and cleans it and opens the possibility of deep transformation of the body up to the restructuring of DNA.
Use fasting and specific practices to cleanse your physical body, your aura-field, your energetic channels and chakras, your emotions and thoughts. Purify yourself on all levels to be prepared to receive, absorb and digest new a powerful cosmic energy of Universal Unconditional Love. Keep fasting and practicing at least for one-three days, or rather for the whole 5 days.

This is in preparation for the coming New Year, the next step of our Journey as Soles, through the time and space, step into New Era.

On the New Year’s Day practice to create Pure Intension for the evolution of your consciousness. This is a real goal. All material conditions will come along; do not concentrate your mind on them. This is a great opportunity for you and for the entire humanity to align our personal intentions with the cosmic intelligence and synchronize our lives with cosmic order of the Permanent Evolution.

Current Schedule

Workshops Spring 2013:
  • March 20/22 – 24, 2013, Marlboro, NJ
    May 15/17 – 20, 2013, Cazadero Hills, North Sonoma coast, CA
    Fasting with Purification and Retrieval of Fullness of the Soul.
    Let us awaken ancient knowledge of the Pure Soul – alive conscious energy of Self Essence. Purity of Soul cans return us to the fresh, clear, joyful perception of the world and expands consciousness. Human soul, awakened from mirages and hypnosis of society, reveals all its talents, all its best qualities. Interacting with the body, the Pure Soul heals and cleans it and opens the possibility of deep transformation of the body up to the restructuring of DNA. Through fasting the body becomes a portal to enter higher states of consciousness and connect to divine frequencies… 
Travel Spring 2013:
  • April 5 – 14, 2013, 2013, Yucatan, Mexico
    Expedition “Pilgrimage to Yucatan”
Please visit the Calendar page of for additional details, to view printable flyers and to register for workshops. All workshops are open to public. Do not hesitate to invite your friends, but please be mindful and let us know you are coming.

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Sacred Message from the Northern Tradition of White Elders

“Makary: – But father, what about the Doomsday, the destruction of the world, all the misfortunes that mankind should be expecting, according to the legend by Saint John the Theologian? Because you, father, prophecy the Great Age of Love that mankind is entering, but you are not telling anything about the Judgment day that by the Bible should be preceding this Golden age.

– The love, my dear, veritable, supreme and genuine is what the Great Judgment is all about. That is exactly what destroys all the philosophies, all the theories, all the systems, and that’s what will destroy the old world, make it vanish. I already told you that if Lord affects worldly fates, he intervenes in them by means of love. That is how world is entering a New Age of Love now. And the streams of living, purifying energy are pouring from heavens onto the earth, onto people, onto every living thing. That’s what Judgment of the world is, because the world will be tried by love, and whatever doesn’t have any love will be destroyed. Only do get me right, my little Makary, because when I talk about destruction, it’s not punishment from heaven that I imply, but something different. Someone who doesn’t possess any love, who won’t accept it into one’s own heart and soul, will be left as if without air, will suffocate and perish. But again, one will not perish as a result of a punishment, proceeding from something, but as a result of one’s own unwillingness to accept this love, under one’s own choice – not to live in the new universe. And this, my little Makary, this Universe of Love is emerging, and there will be a period of transition when the world will start sort of growing out of its old self into the new one.

– But how are we going to live during this period, or rather how do we move from the old world into the new one?

– Love is the transition itself, it’s a bridge over the tumultuous river, by which you can step from one reality to another. Anyone who has accepted vibration, a flow of the supreme Love, will start…” continue to read

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A new world will emerge beyond November 13th, 2012

We find this to be an incredible article, an in depth report by Astrologer Salvador Russo as to the potent significance of recent Total Solar Eclipse which goes on into the future in ways that are just amazing… According to Salvador, the old ways are on their way OUT!  And this is what the Mayan wise men and Astrologers saw so long ago, and why this time on Planet Earth is so significant.

This article delivers an indepth look at the amazing power of this eclipse today, which goes beyond today’s aspects, and into the future as the corrupt system begins to break down of it’s own inherent evil.

The Total Solar Eclipse in Scorpio, November 13th, 2012

On November 13th, 2012, a Total Solar Eclipse ] occurred [ in the House of Scorpio effecting a grand bifurcation and transmutation of all things upon the Earth.  Beginning with and beyond this event positive, obvious, and powerful life transformations of all magnitudes will manifest brilliantly within our lives.  The eclipse will provide the cosmic ignition to Saturn, setting its young transit in Scorpio ablaze, and it will have a crippling effect upon those who have attempted to subvert humanity’s predestined evolution.  A vibrational divide will commence which will separate lower vibrational beings from their higher counterparts, to include, and especially in the physical sense.  With rebirth being a potent theme, look for life to become far more profound beyond the shadow of this Scorpio solar eclipse!
Expect the following types of Scorpio solar eclipse synchronicities: supernatural psychic activations, literal and metaphorical deaths, total transformations of material circumstances, great transferences of power, investigations that shock and cause outcry, necessary and favorable conversions of resources, the relentless exposure of evil, crime, and secrecy, the purging of corruption, medical traumas and the sudden awareness of disease, sacred and paradigm ending revelations, sudden appropriations of wealth, great disruptions to secret societies, the breaking of entanglements, the deepening of spiritual devotion, breakthroughs in psychotherapy, the enforcement of accountability, public shamings, and revivals of health.
As a rule, all eclipses sync with divinely ordained experiences, the most powerful type being the total solar eclipse.  When an eclipse occurs currents of fate ripple throughout our lives.  It is important to know this because there are times in life where God shows His hand.  Eclipses qualify to be included among these times.  The nature of one’s eclipse experience will always reflect their Light Quotient, which is the composite of one’s mental, spiritual, and physical vibrations.  Eclipses are designed to quantum leap our lives and they have been heralded throughout history as omens of radical change – and rightly so!  By referencing one’s own horoscope, which is in fact a sacred document, one can very easily determine where an eclipse will have the greatest impact on their lives.  Their effects needn’t be secret.
Quite literally, a new world will emerge beyond November 13th.  The bifurcation effect of this eclipse, and of Saturn’s transit in Scorpio, will work to physically separate people based on their vibrational polarity.  People will begin to disconnect and reconnect in the most intimate of ways that allow for new strengths to emerge.  As a result, those of a lower vibration will find themselves unbelievably restricted and amidst impossibly difficult circumstances while others of a higher vibration will enjoy an empowering and beautifying metamorphosis that will allow them to advance in life and serve God’s will for our race and planet.  Polarity is one of the principle laws of nature so watch as people are divided and reconnected in accordance with it.
Two of the preeminent themes of Saturn’s transit in Scorpio will make dramatic entrances with this eclipse: that of sex and disease, and of all of the things connected to them.  Sexual indiscretion, to include past indiscretions, will now carry painful, costly, and potentially deadly consequences.  One would be wise to abstain from sexual activity lest it is accompanied with the love vibration.  Sexuality will become a topic of intense and sustained trial where the natures of gender will serve as a plane of challenge, growth, and learning.  We are wise to treat sex with respect because it belongs to the House that also encompasses what is sacred and what is deadly.
Victories against and manifestations of disease will also soon present as major life themes for millions and millions of people.  Recovery and cure will come to some while others are abducted by affliction and forced into dark territory, personal vibration being the determining factor.  The element of water will become more vital than ever so observe as the aqueous comes into focus as a carrier of pathogens, a course for healing, and a domain of adversity.  We have entered a time where hidden cures will become disclosed and where great swathes of our population will accept the grim reality that disease and death have been cloaked as food and medicine by our most trusted earthly agencies.  Revelation and transformation do belong to the same House: Scorpio.
This eclipse and its cycle, of a force so great as to cause the end of an international war, will bring the reality of the occurrence of the most heinous crimes powerfully into the collective consciousness.  In specific I am referring to human slavery, ritual sacrifice, pedophilia, torture networks, sex trafficking, drug smuggling, criminal conspiracy and coverup, and deeply entrenched satanic networks, all of which have been sanctioned and enabled by the highest offices and personages of modern international society.  It is promised that the filth of the House of Scorpio will be brought into sight.  Babylon will be seen as never before!
Organized crime syndicates will now begin to be dismantled and will be mortally wounded as Saturn transits Scorpio, the House of crime.  As the participants of this world possess some of the lowest vibrations imaginable reality itself will bleed them dry.  Criminal cooperation will become a thing of the past.  This miserable lot will implode from unrelenting stressors to include disconnection from logistical support, raw materials, and financial liquidity, criminal prosecutions, chain of command failures, and factional war – watch as they turn on themselves.  Spread the word: organized crime has no future.
It is of personal importance that beyond this eclipse and during its subsequent six moon cycle we each work to transmute every form and instance of darkness that we find in our lives into something resembling divinity.  A high eclipse calling would be that we all strive to become experts in the ancient alchemical art of transmutation.  With this focus we will need to re-allocate our energy and resources into the areas of our lives which are most in need.  Many of us will need to let go of things long held dear in order to fare well into the future.  Some will be bitter to arrive at such a crossroads but the time for the most drastic types of life transformations to occur has come, signaled by our shadowed sun.
With the goal of self-mastery in our hearts and minds we would each benefit from an internal inspection that focuses on the identification of flaws and of our ability to evolve beyond them.  To aid in this process I encourage my readers to purge things that are known to be harmful from their midst, in any shape or form, material or immaterial, internal or external.  The pluming of the psyche will be a required course where psychological self-reflection and awareness of self-limitation become crystallized in our consciousness.  As arduous as this type of inner-journey may be delight in knowing that the momentum and rhythm of life, as soon to be established by the coming eclipse, will promote the success of astonishingly positive re-creations of our character and our lives.
As many of us have become aware our minds can interface with the cosmos to alter our futures in tremendously favorable ways.  Spacetime is malleable to choice and intention.  On that note here is an example of an intention to set, during the upcoming eclipse, so that maximum benefit may be enjoyed: “I have transcended every lower vibrational aspect of my life beginning with and beyond this eclipse.”  November 13th is a wise time to set benevolent and encompassing intentions, by the way.  A quickened ascension in life is the reward for this verbal or telepathic effort.
A black sun approaches for all who are living, some won’t survive it, and this can mean singing.  A time of rebirth, but where will life take us?  Those rich in spirit know that nothing can break us.  Let’s purge all their poison, they think themselves clever, their methods grow obvious, we can easily sever.  A new world is dawning, one of virtue and Light, God’s hand is coming with the scorpion’s might.  This House is intense, like a coal into diamond, by vanquishing fear you can learn how to find Him.
Our cycle of life does include death, so while we’re all here let’s give this our best.  Mystery and water, mixed close by the Father, the elements have gender, like a son and a daughter.  As much as they try they’re promised to fail, Babylon’s is fallen, their leaders turn frail.  Now of all these last words, these next are worth most, pray to God dearly for our spirit’s rebirth.
Astrologer Salvador Russo

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