The Journey to the Places of Power of Peru.

The Journey to the Places of Power of Peru with Dr.Elena Loboda.

April 5 – 19, (15 days)  2014

We are now passing through the period of 13 years – the gap between eras. It is a unique opportunity for radical personal and global transformation; a powerful time to usher in a new Universal Consciousness. This is the end of the old paradigm and the beginning of the new. Ancient prophecies tell us we are now encountering a vast stream of cosmic energy that is working to elevate our consciousness and transmute our DNA. But we need to do efforts to be prepared to make it happen.

Our journey will be magical pilgrimage to connect and absorb the very ancient Power of Light of beautiful Peru. We will visit places with so ancient energy vibrations, much more before Incas.

We are starting in magical Cusco. From there we will travel to Pachamama Wasi Spiritual Center in the Sacred Valley, the Urubamba Valley. Here you can feel the healing energy of the Andes Mountains and be surrounded by their beauty and ancient power.

By train we will travel to Aguas Calientes, the nearest village to Machu Picchu. Our train takes us past glacier covered mountain tops, the flowing Vilcanota River and Inca (and Pre-Incas) ruins. Machu Picchu is highland jungle. The guardian of Machu Picchu will meet us and we will visit the Sanctuary of Machu Picchu with him. We can hike the Mountain Huayna Picchu and visit the Temple of the Moon, now the temple with the most vibrant energy at this sacred ancient place.

Nazca Lines

Later we will journey through the ancient archeological sites, powerful and sacred, hidden in the Andes Mountains: Moray with amphitheaters, Pisac with ceremonial ruins, Ollantaytambo with Pre-Incas megalithic ruins.

OllantaytamboIn Cusco we will visit Koricancha. Also known as the Sun Temple because this was where the Sun disc was kept, it also has rooms for the Moon, the Rainbow, Venus, etc.

In Nasca desert, those who would like will fly over the famous mysterious Lines of Nasca. Then continue to Paracas on the coast of Peru to enjoy gorgeousness of nature with the richness of natural Cosmic Elements: Ballestas Island, the Paracas National Reserve (really beautiful and full of vibrational energy) and Tambo Colorado archeological site.


The approximate cost of the trip is $2,880. A non-refundable $700 deposit, paid by February 8, is required in order to secure your spot and make all necessary reservations.
After February 8 the cost of the trip will be $3,100.

If you have any questions or to register please email


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