Law of Attraction – or Distraction? by David Spetner

Law of Attraction – or Distraction?

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 “You are here to create the world around you that you choose.”
– Abraham-Hicks on The Law of Attraction
“To seek a special person or a thing to add to you to make yourself complete, can only mean that you believe some form is missing.
What form can be a substitute for God the Father’s Love?”
– A Course in Miracles
How could two spiritually-based philosophies be so radically opposed?  The answer is simple.  They’re each talking about a different world.  We live in two worlds simultaneously, one of spirit and one of ego.  (When I say ego, I don’t mean it in terms of us focusing on our looks or making ourselves more important than we are, the ego is simply our human identity in the physical world; our body, our gender, our name, race, beliefs, experiences, etc.)  As we pursue our spiritual paths, we make decisions guiding us towards either building our ego or our God-identity while alternating between the two as both are necessary for survival on Earth.  While Abraham-Hicks, the people who originally spread the idea of The Law of Attraction on a popular scale, confidently state, “The Law of Attraction is the most powerful Law of the Universe.” A key question is then who’s doing the attracting, your ego or your spirit?  Noting this conundrum, the Bible puts it rather succinctly, “You cannot serve two masters.”
I was a devoted follower of The Law of Attraction for a long time.  It changed my world – because it works.  If you can tune your vibration towards something what you want, you can attract it into your life.  But after listening to dozens of recordings, attending two live seminars and twice having the opportunity to speak to the channeled Abraham beings myself, it is evident that 75% or so of the participants are interested in fulfilling three primary desires; a loving relationship, good health (that was mine) and having enough money to do or buy whatever we want.  These are the basic things people in the western world want to make themselves happy in our egoic world.  But do these things truly bring happiness?  Aren’t they, as A Course in Miracles says, really yearnings for the things we only think will complete us – meaning that life and God are not adequate the way they are?  What happens to the concepts of living in the moment and accepting things the way they are right now?  Byron Katie calls this making friends with what is.
Whom we love, how much money or things we possess and having the perfect career all serve to build and strengthen our ego – which is fine if that’s all we truly seek.  But our spiritual being yearns only for one thing — connection to God — which we often call enlightenment, a state that is ever more fulfilling and joyful.  In addition, many spiritual teachers tell us that the joy of enlightenment lasts forever, beyond our limited physical life.
The next most obvious question is;  Can’t we have both?  We can, as they’re not always mutually exclusive, but sometimes, and I believe most of the time, they are.  For example, we might tune our vibration to attracting the perfect love relationship, but if we also want connection and guidance from God, that perfect relationship might fall apart soon after it starts.  Why?  Because when we ask for God’s love and guidance, it might include a lesson that what we ultimately want doesn’t come from this relationship.  As it is often said, true fulfillment comes from “Letting go and letting God.”  Also consider that we might attract the perfect love relationship and want it to last forever, but what if that conflicts with our mate’s desires?  What if after a year into the perfect relationship, our mate decides they want to move on by either leaving us — or even this world?  This is a question that Abraham-Hicks answers by saying that universal energy is like a big, complex computer that can put in all these apparently opposite desires into perfect resolution, to which my satirical side says, OK… maybe.
All this being said, I still recommend people explore Law of Attraction books, recordings and groups if they feel drawn to them, as the practice can provide valuable lessons in discovering what you ultimately want.  And once you get what you want, or even just see that it’s possible, you might decide to move on from nourishing your ego identity to nourishing your relationship with God.  And yes – we can tune our vibration to that as well.
Is it reasonable to discover our enlightenment if we ask for everything positive and then expect it?  If so, where does the enlightenment fit in?  Enlightenment isn’t shaping earthly forces to provide what we want.  Rather, it’s the strength and insight to realize that the real world is the spiritual one, not the one that says that cars, relationships and health will bring us happiness.  What if our aspiring happiness includes things like living in a world without hunger, without innocent people being slaughtered on a daily basis?  Is it possible to tune our personal vibration to end those things?  No, instead we’re going to have to reach a point where we accept what’s going on in this physical world, do what we can to make it a better one and always be willing to find true happiness in accepting what is.
© Copyright 2012 by David Spetner

David is a spiritual counselor and leads an all-level A Course in Miracles study group at The Gateway Wellness Center in West Los Angeles David [] and may be reached at or

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