Spring/Summer 2013 Newsletter

Welcome to Spring/Summer 2013 Newsletter!

Valladolid, Yucatan Pilgrimage, day 7

According to the cosmology of the ancients, we are now passing through the portal of a New Beginning – the Cosmic Dawn, the period between eras. This is a unique opportunity for radical personal and global transformation; a powerful time to usher in a new Universal Consciousness, known to the Maya as “I am you”. A vast stream of multifunctional, creative energy of Oneness is trans-piercing now Earth. It is working to raise our consciousness and transform our DNA. Using the priceless assistance of Places of Power of Yucatan, created by the ancients, we will be able to merge this evolutionary leap.

A group of practitioners led by Dr. Elena Loboda journeyed through ancient Mayan sites, powerful and sacred, hidden inside dense sub-tropical rain forest: beautiful, magical Merida, Uxmal, Chichen Itza, Balancanche Cave, Ek-Balam, Coba, Valladolid and finally Tulum. See beautiful photographs taken during the expedition and uploaded into few albums on Polar Light FB page.

Current Schedule

Retreat Spring 2013 West Coast:

May 15/17 – 20, 2013: Cazadero Hills, North Sonoma coast, CA
“Fasting with Purification and Retrieval of Fullness of the Soul.”
Let us awaken ancient knowledge of the Pure Soul – alive conscious energy of Self Essence. Purity of Soul cans return us to the fresh, clear, joyful perception of the world and expands consciousness. Human soul, awakened from mirages and hypnosis of society, reveals all its talents, all its best qualities. Interacting with the body, the Pure Soul heals and cleans it and opens the possibility of deep transformation of the body up to the restructuring of DNA. Through fasting the body becomes a portal to enter higher states of consciousness and connect to divine frequencies.
RSVP required: If you would like to participate, please register in advance. Upon registration you will receive a description of preparation, which is necessary to start a week before the retreat.

Travel Summer 2013:

July 20 – August 10, 2013: Russia
Journey to the Sacred North of the Russian Land – in Hyperborea
For thousands of years, on the vast expanse of Northern Europe and Asia (Siberia), there have existed various esoteric traditions – a heritage of Arktida, the continent under the Pole Star. A long time ago the physical continent of Arktida sank into the Arctic Ocean, but it still existed on the higher vibrational level of Gaya – planet Earth. This is the legendary Belovodie –Tule – Iriy. The Pure Land of the blessed, the Polar Haven, as it had been described by the wisdom keepers of many traditions. Ancient descendants of Arktida spread out on the vast expanse of Northern Europe and Asia and created Hyperborea –Aryanovea. The consciousness, power and knowledge of the members of that sacred ancient Northern tradition extended far beyond anything presently known. With help of Polar Iriy – Haven, Hyperboreans created a lot of Places of sacred Power in the North, which still existed until our time.
Note: Please check the Event page of website for the Itinerary. RSVP required!

Please visit the Calendar page of PolarLight.org for additional details, to view printable flyers and to register for workshops. All workshops are open to public. Do not hesitate to invite your friends, but please be mindful and let us know you are coming.

Light & Love,

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