The Pure Soul is Granted to the One Who Works a Lot
… The main reason behind the dilapidation of body and illness is a laziness of man, his unwillingness to change for better. And a consequence of such spiritual laziness is Avidya, the ignorance. The rest of the sins take roots in ignorance. Oftentimes a human being does not realize that while he identifies himself with his body and mind – whatever he do on this planet will not lead him to God, but to the opposite. In order to make an earthling stop, ponder upon it and condemn his own thoughts and actions the Angel of Karma sends this soul an illness, a malady. Usually at first a light illness is sent by the Teacher. If a human fails to understand the meaning of an illness, if he resorts to various psychics, healers and doctors, but doesn’t wish to change from within, then the first illness is followed by the second one – a serious illness. And if an incarnated soul still doesn’t get the message sent with an illness, if unwillingness to perfect oneself continues, then the Angel sends an earthling an untreatable disease, so he do not take up space on Earth claimed by tens of other unembodied souls.
According to the theory of hermeticism, a human body lives by the rules of three-dimensional space, but a soul lives by the spiritual rules. A physical body requires: a constant strain of electromagnetic field between the planetary poles; water and vegetarian food charged with kind thoughts; pure air; warmness of green lands and woods. An incarnated soul requires energy supply from the astral and mental world, called Prana; positive impressions, reverential feelings, good emotions, harmonious information… When there’s harmony between seven subtle bodies comprising the human aura – there’s good health of a human. The absence of harmony means there’s illness… All the maladies are projected downward: from the soul to the mind, from the mind to the wishes, from the wishes to the body illnesses. The soul constructs thoughts, and thoughts construct human body…
The auric cocoon is made of matter much more subtle then the one that constitutes the physical world and our bodies. An aura of a healthy human being appears as an egg-shaped cloud consisting of clean, unmixed colors: blue, azure, violet, golden, pink, light green, white. …Subtle bodies of a human build each other from the spiritual center towards roughening of matter just like concentric water circles that derive and move away from the spot where the rock hit the water. The farther the wave is from the center the bigger the distortion is from the initial circle. That is why we always have to align all our subtle bodies to the first circle, in the image and likeness of the Spirit.
Any shade of brown or dirty color in the aura, the distortion of egg-shaped oval, the reduction of distance from the cocoon shell to 40 centimeters tells a clairvoyant that this human should expect problems with their health and strained relations with outside world. Approximately 80% of the people today don’t have an egg-shaped aura as they should, it rather looks like a mushroom turned upside down. Spiritual energy centers of such people are completely blocked; only two chakras are fully functional, two main energy centers out of seven – survival center and reproduction center. Also the abdominal chakra (solar plexus) responsible for logical reasoning and ego gets involved. Blockage of fifth, sixth and seventh chakras’ function results in Illnesses and misfortunes of the majority of people. … All the things and events per se are neutral. But we look at the events through the prism called aura. And a color of this prism is projected to the surrounding world, painting it into bright or dirty, dismal colors. That is why yogis say: «Change yourself – and the whole Universe will change».
… First and foremost, a human is an immortal spirit. And our bodies are merely garments that get replaced by the Spirit as they get old, they are only a tool for learning the laws of different worlds. There are plethora of rough and subtle universes. In each of these worlds the spirit has its own clothing, a “space suit” – the body.
… Unfortunately, the evolution of soul for the majority of people on our planet takes course unconsciously, thus any suffering during this process is the best teacher. And on the contrary, so called “earthly happiness” makes our souls lazier and prone to illnesses. Sometimes continuous misery embitters us, makes us aggressive – and this is our huge mistake which derives from our failure to understand the meaning of life and the meaning of illness.

The best cure for all illnesses is unity with God, that is yoga.
At all times people have been looking for an answer to the everlasting question: what is the meaning of life, what is the reason for illness, why do are bodies and souls get hurt? Usually an illness is considered to be a great misfortune, an evil by the common people. They try to fight their infirmities with help of other people and eradicate their illness by any means possible. People’s unwillingness to understand the meaning of illness and cure it on their own is a great sin before the Spirit. There are lots of drugs, diagnostic and therapeutic equipment available nowadays, and the more we use them the farther we move away from the true reason of illness – the character of an incarnated soul… Before people used to be treated by the priests who possessed knowledge of philosophy, religion, exoteric and esoteric medicine. These days people get treated by the narrow specialists (some specialize in eye treatment, some deal with nerves etc.). So we spend all our lives knocking on different doors, not realizing that this way we worsen the situation… It seems to us that the world reacts to us in a wrong way, but actually it is us who react to the world in a wrong way, while the world around us stays neutral. We forgot that the outside world of a human is only a replica of his inside world, a pale image of his soul. The message in our minds should sound like this: «I welcome the entire world with all its peculiarities!» Life is a stream favorable for our spiritual development, although its external manifestations might seem unfavorable to us. However, it is exactly misfortunes and illnesses that point out what has to change inside of us. Remember, my dear readers, that you are immortal, while fear of death turns you into slaves. All the situations and all the people we encounter make us constantly learn something and we have to be grateful for that… We have to foster courage and commitment in ourselves in order to fight our laziness, to change our thoughts and actions for better, to accept responsibility before God for our health, as well as the health of our planet.
Professor Kurt Tepperwein said: «Our bodies and all our lives are nothing but the exact reflection of our spiritual state, because the spirit is what forms the body and defines the fate». As far back as a century ago Edward Bach, the British physician (1886-1936) noted: «Illness is not a manifestation of cruelty or punishment, but merely an amendment and a tool used by our soul to point our mistakes out, to hold us back from even bigger delusions, to prevent us from doing even more harm and get us back onto our path to the truth and light». The illnesses of body make a human start learning the eternal laws of Cosmos: the laws of disinterestedness, compassion and altruistic love. It is exactly illnesses that make a human smarter, make him look for the reasons of suffering inflicted upon him in his own thoughts, rather than the physical world. They make us correct our way of life: change our mindset towards ourselves and understanding life, change our life style, make us love our body and take care of it not to satisfy our ego, but to satisfy the wishes of our soul. A physician should remember that every human is at the unique stage of his own evolution and therefore requires a unique approach. And illness is just one of the various ways to test a human, a pretext for change of personality for better, a pretext for the self-cultivation, one of the forced factors contributing to the spiritual development that fully depends on the willpower of the particular human.
…My dear readers, my opinion is that in half of the cases a physician shouldn’t treat the illness of a person consulting him. The task of the real doctor is to: perform an examination of an illness, explain its meaning to a patient. To induce a patient to actively fight for change of their own character and world outlook. By changing inside a human will treat both their soul and their body on their own. Only this way the Angel’s lesson may be learned. And if some psychic or doctor will try to prevent this lesson (an illness) from happening, then the Angel will punish both the doctor and the patient some day. The lesson will still be learned by this couple of earthlings. No one can repeal the Laws of Karma. Love your illnesses, because they are your best teachers that give you fare grades for the inappropriate behavior. Only these «teachers» don’t leave the grades in school record books, but leave them in your bodies. Develop yourselves and as you acquire deeper understanding of meaning and reasons of illness, independently strive for good grades with help of mental, psychical and physical exercises. Once you are healed, do not stop training your body and soul; quite the opposite, you should accelerate your propulsion towards the Creator with help of mastered exercises…
A truly spiritual person may not fear any maladies… And the spirituality is always aimed inwards, to the very sacral center of being. The spirituality is an ability to see God inside yourself and interact with Him without mediators! All the rest – Love, altruism, kindheartedness, purity, charity, righteousness are merely a consequence of spirituality. There is no one and nothing in the entire universe that would not be spiritual. Everything is by God and everything is a Creator himself. If during meditation we are increasing the vibrations of consciousness from chakra to chakra, then our soul stops identifying itself with the body and mind: at such moment our soul starts talking to God.
You should not be sitting and waiting for a wizard who would come and make you a highly spiritual person by the wave of his hand. No one will ever come and make your soul enlightened, this is your job!
Source: G. Boreev «The Reversal of Poles and the Ascension…»


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