Sacred Message from the Northern Tradition of White Elders

“Makary: – But father, what about the Doomsday, the destruction of the world, all the misfortunes that mankind should be expecting, according to the legend by Saint John the Theologian? Because you, father, prophecy the Great Age of Love that mankind is entering, but you are not telling anything about the Judgment day that by the Bible should be preceding this Golden age.

– The love, my dear, veritable, supreme and genuine is what the Great Judgment is all about. That is exactly what destroys all the philosophies, all the theories, all the systems, and that’s what will destroy the old world, make it vanish. I already told you that if Lord affects worldly fates, he intervenes in them by means of love. That is how world is entering a New Age of Love now. And the streams of living, purifying energy are pouring from heavens onto the earth, onto people, onto every living thing. That’s what Judgment of the world is, because the world will be tried by love, and whatever doesn’t have any love will be destroyed. Only do get me right, my little Makary, because when I talk about destruction, it’s not punishment from heaven that I imply, but something different. Someone who doesn’t possess any love, who won’t accept it into one’s own heart and soul, will be left as if without air, will suffocate and perish. But again, one will not perish as a result of a punishment, proceeding from something, but as a result of one’s own unwillingness to accept this love, under one’s own choice – not to live in the new universe. And this, my little Makary, this Universe of Love is emerging, and there will be a period of transition when the world will start sort of growing out of its old self into the new one.

– But how are we going to live during this period, or rather how do we move from the old world into the new one?

– Love is the transition itself, it’s a bridge over the tumultuous river, by which you can step from one reality to another. Anyone who has accepted vibration, a flow of the supreme Love, will start…” continue to read


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