Fall 2012 Newsletter

  • In October practitioners of New York and New Jersey were excited to host Dr. Elena Loboda with her powerful workshops. During practices permanent students and newcomers felt unusual power and purity of descending upon them energy. It accompanied many deep meditations and was realized as initiations. Even the Dr. Elena was surprised how high and pure were working with us vibrations. Edward Tarashchansky, the founder of “Conscious Living” spiritual center in Brooklyn, NY, left following testimonial after attending the “Receiving the Heart Wisdom” workshop:”Dear Elena, thank you for being a conduit of such High Consciousness. Many Blessings your way along this path.”
    Just before the hurricane Sandy Dr. Loboda left East Coast and flew to California where she is going to conduct her healing, Consciousness raising workshops for West Coast practitioners. See schedule below.
  • PolarLightDotOrg channel open on YouTube.
    As promised we published the video captured during Altai expedition this year. Enjoy!

Current Schedule

Workshops Fall 2012 West Coast:
  • November 21 – 25th, 26th, 2012, Cazadero Hills, North Sonoma coast, CAPurification and Retrieval of Fullness of the Soul and optional supporting Fasting.Let us awaken ancient knowledge of the Pure Soul – alive conscious energy of Self Essence. Purity of Soul cans return us to the fresh, clear, joyful perception of the world and expands consciousness. Human soul, awakened from mirages and hypnosis of society, reveals all its talents, all its best qualities. Interacting with the body, the Pure Soul heals and cleans it and opens the possibility of deep transformation of the body up to the restructuring of DNA. Through fasting the body becomes a portal to enter higher states of consciousness and connect to divine frequencies…
Please visit the Calendar page of PolarLight.org for additional details, to view printable flyers and to register for workshops. All workshops are open to public. Do not hesitate to invite your friends, but please be mindful and let us know you are coming.
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Light & Love,
Team of PolarLight.org

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