Winter/Spring 2012 Newsletter

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Locations for East Coast Winter 2012 workshops have been reserved. An address for each event is added below next to the event’s date. Also we added an information about discounts available.
Please visit the Calendar page of for additional details, to view printable flyers and to register for workshops. All workshops are open to public. Do not hesitate to invite your friends, but please be mindful and let us know you are coming.

Current Schedule

Workshops Winter 2012 East Coast:

  • February 24-25, 2012: 2 West End Ave, suite #3, Brooklyn NY 11135
    Lecture and workshop “Receiving the Heart Wisdom”
    …From the ancient, legendary times to the modern day of vulgar materialism, the knowledge of Heart Wisdom became almost extinct. This Wisdom is not a rationalism of our linear mind. It cannot be explained like any other type of thinking. This wisdom is beyond words, mind created ideals, conclusions, and even emotions. This Silent Primordial wisdom comes to our physical heart directly from the Great Mother of Everything….
  • February 26, 2012: 2 West End Ave, suite #3, Brooklyn NY 11135
    Workshop “Sacred Feminine: Power of Solar, Lunar & Gaia Circadian Rhythms”
    …Many women today experience a profound gap between what they sense as their highest potentials and the reality of everyday life. Using the dominant cultural version of creative power women have gained the freedom to do, be and fulfill their desires on a social order level, but they haven’t necessarily cultivated the power to cause their lives to flourish and thrive on the level of inner being. Does this ring true to you?…
    Discount! Lecture and two workshops (02/24-02/26) – $260.
  • February 29, 2012: 2 West End Ave, suite #3, Brooklyn NY 11135
    Lecture and meditation “The Power of Mastering your Consciousness on the levels of the body, energy and mind”
    …Spiritual integrative practices based on a direct perception of the world’s energy vibrations activate the healing frequencies and stimulate unfolding of consciousness. As the planet is undergoing rapid and profound changes, this knowledge is needed to allow people to harmonize their lives with the cosmic order. This is the next step in human evolution – an integrative evolution of consciousness…
  • March 1, 2012: 4497 Bedford Ave, Brooklyn NY ( between X and Y)
    Lecture and meditation “Transforming negative emotions into blessings: the two wings of highest consciousness”
    …The heritage of Arktida holds practices which awaken deep wisdom and inner goodness. Now in this time of deep and fast changes in nature and society, that ancient knowledge will help people to open an inner source to transform themselves, minimize conflict and suffering, maximize their good qualities, and harmonize their lives with the cosmic order…
Retreat Spring 2012 East Coast:
  • March 2-4 (or 6), 2012: Private house, Marlboro, NJ
    “Conscious Fasting with the deepening into the subconscious and the dissolution of the ego.”
    …Applying the demonstrated techniques will open possibilities for direct absorption of energy from the Natural Elements and also the Sacred Formless Universal energy. This transmutation will lead to an evolutionary jump in order to achieve the body of pure energy-consciousness. In the current age of significant and rapid changes in the environment and society, this ancient knowledge will help people to open their inner source for transformation, balancing, and illumination of the entire human body-energy-consciousness system…
    Note: If you would like to participate, please register in advance. Upon registration you will receive the exact address and a description of preparation, which is necessary to start a week before the retreat.
    Package Discount: Any full day workshop + Fasting retreat: For those participating in both events 20% discount is offered on a workshop (paid in full together).
Travel Spring 2012:
  • March 23 – April 1, 2012: Yucatan, Mexico Only three spots left!
    Trip “Pilgrimage to Yucatan”
    According to Mayan cosmology, we are now passing through the No Time, a moment between eras. It is a unique opportunity for radical personal and global transformation: a powerful time to usher in a new Universal Consciousness, known to the Maya as ‘I am you:. This is not the end of the world, but it is the end of the old paradigm. Ancient prophecies tell us we are now encountering a vast stream of cosmic energy that is working to elevate our consciousness and transmute our DNA. We will journey to and practice on places of natural and structured power on the Yucatan peninsula.
    Note: Please check the Calendar page of the website for the Itinerary and other important information. Enjoy photos from last spring’s Yucatan trip.
Travel Summer 2012:
  • June 23 – July 13, 2012: Southern Siberia, Russia
    Expedition to Sacred Belukha Mountain
    Indescribably beautiful, the Altay Mountains in Southern Siberia are the land of the ancient civilization built by descendants of Arktida, the Hyperborian. Belukha is a natural temple held sacred for thousands of years.Until our time people have lived no closer to Belukha than a distance of 3 days hiking. This is one of the purest places on our planet. The ecosystem of Altay Mountains is so clean that you can drink water directly from its rivers. Native people hold this place of tremendous power in deep respect for the clarity of Cosmic Primordial Energy available here.
    Note: Please check the Calendar page of the website for the Itinerary. Also enjoy photos and video from last summer’s Altai trip.
Light & Love,
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