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  1. Homa Therapy from the Vedas
    Homa Therapy is a totally revealed science by grace and through deep Love for our planet. September 1944 Kalki Avatar Param Sadguru SHREE Gajanan Maharaj to the vow to the Lotus feed of His Master Eternal Avatar Parashurama: I will resuscitate the Vedas. This heralded Satya Yug, the New Era of Enlightment and Science, the Era wherein science and Eternal Religion (Truth) become synonymous terms, also known as Satya Vikram Era. Param Sadguru SHREE blessed Gurudev Vasant Paranjpe to carry his blissful words to all the people around the world. He asks him to establish the Fivefold Path Mission India to share this knowledge. Gurudev began His Mission in USA. From there it reached all the five Continents. Heal the Atmosphere and the healed atmosphere heals all creatures.
    Homa Therapy comes from the VEDAS. The VEDAS are the most ancient body of knowledge known to mankind. Agnihotra is the basic process in the science of Homa Therapy, tuned to the bio-rhythm of sunrise-sunset. A small fire is prepared in a copper pyramid, and two simple Mantras are chanted exactly at the moment of sunrise and sunset, & to synchronize with the energies that come from the sun exactly at these moments. Homa Therapy comes from the ancient Vedic science of bio-energy, which extends to medicine, agriculture and climate engineering.
    The basic theory in Homa Therapy is: you heal the atmosphere, and the healed atmosphere heals you. The materials we use in this process of Agnihotra are available anywhere in the world. For example: dried cow dung cakes, clarified butter (Ghee) from cow’s milk and a few whole grain of rice.
    This technique can be utilized for human medicine, agriculture, stress reduction, alcohol and drug rehabilitation and so on. It is very simple to practice and everyone can learn it in a few minutes, as has been shown in all the continents.
    Agnihotra Ash Medicine
    The science of medicine called Ayurveda which is taught in India today is only a small percentage of the original knowledge. Much of it was lost in that course of time. Medicines are prepared from ash which comes as a product of the process of Agnihotra. It is called Homa Ash Therapy. In modern times this knowledge was resuscitated in Germany, after several encouraging discoveries were made. Mrs. Monika Koch, a German pharmacist, has published a new book on how to make these Agnihotra ash medicines. The method of preparing Agnihotra ash medicines is now taught in all continents. It is taught freely and no money is charged at any time for any preparations. Everyone who practices Agnihotra can make his own medicines and use them for various ailments with almost miraculous results.

    One part of Ayurveda is referred to as VRUKSHA Ayurveda. VRUKSHA in Sanskrit means tree. This means it is Ayurveda for the plant kingdom. Homa organic farming is based on this knowledge.
    Hundreds of hectares where monitored in the Amazon area of the republic of Peru in South America, by the specialized agronomist connected with the office of the President of Peru, with the following results;
    In areas with extreme plant diseases it was noticed that in four months all the diseases where eradicated and the production was higher per hectare than any other known method of agriculture, chemical or non-chemical.
    The quality, taste, texture, colors, disease resistance were much improved. Harvesting losses were reduced. The shelf life was much longer then a crop grown by any other agricultural method.

    Alcohol and drug Rehabilitation
    The Homa Therapy alcohol and drug rehabilitation program developed in the United States is perhaps the only known program where the person is motivated to leave drugs and alcohol. This increased positive motivation is due to the change in atmosphere affected by Homa Therapy. Thus much of the time and effort of the therapist is saved and the chances of a relapse are reduced. The Homa Therapy program developed in the United States is possibly the only program that is able to deeply motivate people afflicted with drug or alcohol addiction, to get healed from their addiction. The increase in a positive motivation is attributed to the change in the atmosphere due to the regular performance of Agnihotra and related Vedic practices. Further more, the danger of a relapse is thus reduced.
    Homa Therapy creates an atmosphere which removes stress from the mind. The atmosphere becomes full of love. Thus several factors which lead to disruption of families are reduced and harmony and peace can be restored more easily.

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